entlang spaniens küste vom baskenland bis galizien

Die Nordküste Spaniens ist für Surfer ein einmalig schönes Revier. Hier gibt es unzählige Surfspots - vom einfachen beachbreak bis hin zum Weltklassespot in Mundaka. Wir sind mit unserem Van nun schon einige Male entlang der Küste gereist und haben noch längst nicht alle Surfstrände erkundet. 

Los geht’s im Baskenland, ein ungeheuer spannendes Fleckchen Erde. Nach einem kurzen lunch stop in Zarautz geht es weiter, teilweise entlang einer spektakulären Küstenstraße mit traumhaften Aussichtspunkten, nach Lekeitio. Von dort geht es weiter zum Playa de Laga nach Mundaka.

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sharon jones - queen of funk

no doubt: sharon jones is the incarnation of funk and soul. just recovered from a very serious cancer disease - she is back on stage with her new album "give the people what they want". supported by her band the dap-kings she unchains the munich audience with a show so full of power, hope, rage, joy and most of it: full of soul. you can tell: the stage, the music, the singing, the wild dancing, it's all a valve for miss jones to process her past and to draw hope and energy. to generate power. she infects the audience with her hope and joy magical and she just let it happen - there is no artificial show, it's just like the most natural, honest and pure thing she does on stage.

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viktualienmarkt & umgebung

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sagres - surfers paradise

3 years ago I went to a friend's housewarming party and talked to a guy who regularly spends weeks of surfing at the very southeasterly part of europe: SAGRES.


Famous not only because of the same named beer but for the good surf. Since then every year I send myself there for a few weeks of surfing the atlantic.


here's some impressions... hang loose!

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Turin Brakes live in concert

today I very proudly present impressions of the Turin Brakes live in concert.


the last gig of their "we were here"-tour took place in munich at the atomic cafe last tuesday.


i met olly knights, gale paridjanian, rob allum and eddie myer for the first time two years ago at the aftershow party of their fabulous 10-years-anniversary gig at KOKO club, london.


so this week I got the chance to meet them again. not only I took photos from the gig but I also got the exclusive possibility to shoot a bit while the soundcheck. after the show I was invited backstage.


the band came to germany by plane and therefore they travelled with "light" luggage. rob allums drum set had to be left in london and so rob sat behind the drums of "we used to be tourists", the opening act from cologne.


the first four songs were all from the new album - and that is a damn good one. olly's voice interacts with gale's guitar in a fascinating way - a scenario that works so well. the gifted guitar player really enchants with his slide guitar. eddie plays the bass mandantory cool und rob seems to play the "cologne drum set" since ages.


so they played songs throughout almost all albums. the last song that night was "goodbye" - a breathtaking beautiful song about dying and "the stuff between the start and the other side".



after the phenomenal concert they invited us to hang out with them backstage in the bandroom. needless to say that they all are really nice guys with no star airs. olly knights was completely patient with all my questioning. so we sat there and drank beer and it seemed as everybody was happy - and so was I.

now they are home, recovering from the tour, maybe already with new songs in their heads... only remains for all Turin Brakes fans to hope it won't take another 3 long years to return this great band for an atmospheric gig!

break a leg (and the neck!) ;-)




T H A N K   Y O U 

 T U R I N   B R A K E S !

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